Mens's Health: 'Drie tabletten is alles wat ik nodig heb om gefocust te zijn en me de hele dag fit te voelen.'

Contributes to normal MemoryFocusEnergy

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"Voel je de hele dag beter en gefocust” *

Paneuromix contains a sophisticated blend of natural ingredients that improves memory and contributes to a normal focus and energy. The natural, high quality Paneuromix capsules boost your brain function. Click here for the article about Paneuromix in Men’s Health via Blendle (dutch).

The trusted formula used by more than 30.000 people in 68 countries.

* Individuele resultaten kunnen verschillen

The powerful ingredients in Paneuromix per serving size


Alpha-GPC 250 mg

Alpha-GPC is short for L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine; a natural choline compound (vitamin B5) and precursor for acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter of incredible importance for short-term memory and learning processes. Alpha-GPC is easily absorbed by the body.*

* Individual results may vary

1 How long will it take to work?

Most people experience effect within half an hour after intake. The effect will continue to increase with a peak after two hours, and then gradually decreases.

2 How to use FOCUS²?

We recommend taking one capsule at breakfast or before activities that require focus and concentration such as studying or working on a project.

Why is there no caffeine in FOCUS²?

We chose a caffeine-free product. Caffeine for sure stimulates but can also create nervousness. Moreover, it is still allowed to drink one or two coffees, as some people like to “activate” FOCUS² even more by taking some caffeine. By not adding caffeine to our formula we let you decide for yourself.

Are there any side-effects?

FOCUS² effects processes in the body. Side-effects are therefore possible but rare due to the natural basis of the ingredients. Possible side-effects are headaches, nausea and a light feeling in the head. Don’t use FOCUS² when pregnant.

What is the difference between FOCUS² and Paneuromix?

FOCUS² is really targeted at boosting focus, concentration and mental clarity. Paneuromix has a broader and more nootropical effect. Paneuromix will work throughout the whole day and we recommend taking it in the morning. Focus² can best be taken one to half an hour before a mental exertion, and reaches its peak about two hours after intake.

6 Can you combine FOCUS² with Paneuromix?

You sure can. In this case we recommend taking Paneuromix in the morning, and FOCUS² one or half an hour before the mental performance is about to take place (exams, meeting a deadline etc.). Optionally you can adjust the dose in this case. For example, take one Paneuromix capsule less in the morning than you usually do.

7 How is FOCUS² send?

Inside US and EU it is send and packed by Amazon outside these regions is it shipped in a strong envelope box

8 Safety and quality checks of FOCUS²

FOCUS² has a strict quality code. For all our substances we request Certificates of Analysis at the manufacturer that show the ingredient specifications, contaminations and relevant chemical information. In addition, we routinely monitor each batch according to a HACCP-protocol.
Click on this link for the latest report. For an overview of all reports and certificates please click here.

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By supporting your memory you can easily pull important information from it


A supported focus makes working and studying easier


Keep a good mental stamina with supported energy levels

Adaptogenic effect

An adaptogenic effect means it supports a balanced energy and stresslevel

Voor een slimmere, eenvoudigere en gezondere levensstijl

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